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List of proposals

Here’s a list of proposals. Email me if you’re interested in any, and also if you’re able to lead any.

  • Talk on commodification/commercialization of art
  • 23-Hour Crit (based on Seven Days in the Art World)
  • Study group for Notary Public test
  • Art and literature reading group (novels, movies, about art/artists)
  • Critique group for project “A Nice Try: Social Calling Card Experiment,” Juan Juarez’ 2D class project
  • Game: “Draw Yourself As”
  • Compile an event calendar for CNY that compiles everything
  • Square Dancing
  • Ghosts, Ursula Belsky
  • Reading Group: Speculative Realism
  • Create an underground archive
  • Course on drinking
  • Lecture on organ donations
  • Work with others in creating a local currency for Syracuse
  • Dollar Store cultural investigations
  • Host portfolio websites
  • Lecture/course: How to be a professional artist
  • Democratic Production
  • Obsolete technology group
  • Define “Art”
  • Nap time
  • Course: Sequential Art

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