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We were hacked!!

alkaseer20 hacks our webiste

alkaseer20 hacks our website

I’m very excited to report that on September 23, 2009, The AS in The AS website was hacked by alkaseer20. You can see the new home page our hacker made for us here.

I am still researching our hacker. Here’s a list of other hacks this person has done. I haven’t yet translated the page, but the flags are that of Saudi Arabi.

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  1. Dustin Martin says

    Hi, I stumbled on this site since mine was just hacked in the same fashion. How did you fix it?

    • jspitzner says

      I had to re-upload the index.php file from my theme into the wp-content/themes/[theme directory]. It seems that whoever did this just rewrote the index.php file. I also made sure I upgraded to the latest version of wordpress.Let me know if that helps, and good luck.