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Class: Drugs and Alcohol in the Art World

Proposed by: mark edward grimm

This course explores uses, dangers, practices and tutorials on ‘Drugs and Alcohol’ and their uses and practical applications in the artistic world.

Each topic will be presented and taught by experts in their chosen medium and will be taught and practiced in a shared, safe learning environment.

Topics Include:
– Beer Brewing Basics
– Wine Making and Appreciation
– Dangers and desirable applications for prescription medications
– Psychedelics in the art making process
– Cannabis cultivation and appreciation basics
– Illegal Drug Dangers
– Legal Logistics: What to do if you are arrested

Support/Logistics/Materials needed     One of the following: Chips, Cheese, Crackers, Popcorn


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  1. OLIVIA says

    yes please!

  2. jspitzner says

    We’re going to start this class soon!