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Art Barter Swap

Propsed by mark edward grimm

Art Barter Swap
Do you have art sitting around your house? Can’t sell that one piece that you love but no one is willing to buy? Getting hit by the art market economy crash? Getting sick of all your own artworks on your wall?

Come swap your work with other artist!!!

Who wants to look at your own work all the time? And lets be honest, your never going to sell it anyway!!! Why let it collect dust…. or get destroyed in your musty basement.

Lets trade! Have some fun! Share some images! Barter time….

Artwork can be bartered will be bartered every other Wednesday (and Friday) at the official “As in the As” open house… Bring your visual work. Trade with someone else! Or leave your work to trade later!

Barter economies are fun!!

Materials needed: Framed, un-framed, painting, video, prints, drawing etc, etc.


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