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Artist’s Talk/Presentation by Raphael Lyon

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Friday, November 13, 8 pm

Title: Artist’s Talk/Presentation by Raphael Lyon
Location: Headquarters: 1003 E Fayette Street, Apt 10 (enter thru back door)
Link out: Click here

mudboy (Raphael Lyon) is a musical performer, kinetic light painter and installation artist who was part of the Fort Thunder collective in the early 2000’s and has lived in Providence RI for over a decade. He recently moved to NYC.

Lyon will be showing his work while speaking on a variety of themes which inform it in a conversation entitled “Magician as Artist.”

Subjects may include why he was dropped 15 feet through a trap door an into a pool of slime, the TV show of British mentalist Derren Brown, the attraction of the human mind to fountains and fires, and other related ideas.

His work can be seen here:

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