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Alternative Funding Workshop

Proposed by Joanna Spitzner

This workshop will have several goals. First of all, what are some creative ways we can raise money for TheASinTheAS? This isn’t a plea for money: I am committed to covering bottom line expenses for us. And, it’s important to me that our activities are accessible, free as much as possible, and that we avoid getting bogged down in fundraising—money always complicates things.  Fundraising takes time, it creates a sense of ownership in good and bad ways, and creates an accounting bureaucracy.  At the same time, finding creative and flexible ways to support activities will allow us to be ambitious and self-sustaining.

Secondly, economies always affect art. What are ways organizations can support themselves, how can artists raise funds to do projects? How can we invent self-sustaining models?

So, in this workshop, I’d like to look at some alternative funding models—microfunding, bartering, cheap art auctions, selling goods, selling shares, job banks, trade for services, sliding scales, playing the lottery, and things we haven’t even thought of yet.

We’ll also spend some time brainstorming as a group about ways to explore funding. I hope that we’ll come away with both some ideas for TheASinTheAS, as well as ideas for yourself on how to sustain your art practice or organization.


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  1. Frank says

    Very interested in this, let me know if we can work together, I can promote this though Alchemical and the Syracuse Social Economy Network. And share knowledge from my work as a business advisor as well!

    • jspitzner says

      It would be great if we worked on this together!! Let’s talk soon and figure it out. thanks.