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Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions to the “Rotating/Working Title” Journal of The AS in the AS:

deadline: January 31st, 2010

release: early – mid March

theme: Anti(-)establishmentarianism

According to Wikipedia, Antiestablishmentarianism “views a nation’s power structure as corrupt, repressive, or exploitive.” In this instance, we’d like to substitute “nation” for “institution.” And we’d also like to mix in the idea that institutions often become highly bureaucratic in ways that are counter-productive. In the most general terms, we focus on Antiestablishmentarianism as a means of collectively reclaiming creativity, group organization, and individuality from the confining structure of the institution.

How do bureaucratic forms impede collective intentions? How do we re-envision? Re-form? Re-construct institutions? Ways of working together? Organizing? Being artists? Making art? Are there good institutions? How do they work? How do we re-claim the (re-)structure of the collective from the format of the institution?

Submissions can take the form of articles, images, and creative pieces that reflect on movements, persons or collectives that exemplify Antiestablishmentarianism. Images and text can also be examples of Antiestablishmentarianism or inspired by the general topic.

We prefer to work in 2-D, but will consider other forms: 3-D, time-based, or something not covered here. Let us know if your work has been published before or is associated with another publication/organization. We enthusiastically encourage everyone, no matter where you are or what you do, to contribute!

Submissions can be received by email (press at theasintheas dot org) or by clicking here

Journal of The AS in The AS:
What would a school be without a journal?  In the academic world, journals are a medium for sharing thoughts and defining the profession. We’re all about embracing the former and ditching the latter.

Our Journal will have an ever-changing, ever evolving title according to the whims of participants and editors. We’ve created this publication as a way to get your ideas and creative projects out there, reflect on and theorize on our activities, and connect with people nationally and internationally. Each edition will be themed, but room can and will be made for other things.

Print and online editions will always be made, licensed under Creative Commons.
Editors: Sophia Jay and Joanna Spitzner

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