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D.I.Y. Tattoo Workshop

Proposed by tattoo melee

are you ready to go overseas? to prison? join a gang? you need really bad tattoos. at least one of which you’ve given yourself. Sterile technique will be discussed and demonstrated, learn to fuse ink to your skin in a primal yet natural way.

suggest a date and we all go nuts! I’ll bring the equipment. good shit, cast iron!


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3 Responses

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  1. OLIVIA says

    this is a fantastic idea! i tried to give myself a tattoo when i was 15… would have been helpful to have had this workshop prior to experimentation on my arm =P

  2. Mackenzie says

    Now is the time for you to follow through and develop your technique. Tattooing yourself is seriously quite the zen experience for lack of better descriptive, without meaning to denigrate the concept of zen. You can discuss giving the work on your arm meaning appropriate for the current and hopefully future you.

  3. sophia says

    can this workshop be photo documented and posted on the website – or be part of the upcoming journal’s online edition? i have a diy tat and would like to see how others did theirs… it would be good, too, to provide info to folks who are into doing it themselves.