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How to Make and Art School

Saturday, April 10
10 am – 6 pm

Location: Headquarters: 1003 E Fayette Street, Apt 10 (enter thru back door)
Description: a day long retreat–lots of food and beverages will be provided.
We will begin by pretending that art schools don’t exist, but that we are charged with creating one. We will end by developing some rough draft practical proposals that will be given to The College of Visual and Performing Arts at SU. If you’d like to participate, please RSVP to Joanna Spitzner:

P.S. If you can’t make the whole day, perhaps you can come to some sessions.


10 AM (coffee and food)
Discussion: if no art schools existed, how could we begin to make one?
What is an artist–what are the qualities of an artist, how does one become one, what skills, connections, contexts must an artist have? What relationship should the school have with the university, with the professional world, and with society in general?

11 AM Questionnaire
Individuals write responses (online form submissions also shared)

Online form for Questionnaire

Sharing of answers and discussion

11:45 BREAK

12:00 Discussion on readings: On the Ground, Practical Observations for Regenerating Art Education, by Ernesto Pujol;  The Thing Seen, Reimagining Arts Education for Now, by Ann Lauterbach

12:45 LUNCH

1:30  Brief presentation on history of art schools

2:00 discussion on readings: Artereality (Rethinking Craft in a Knowledge Economy), by Jeffrey Schnapp and Michela Shanks ;  States of Exception, by Steven Madoff

2:45:  Brief presentation on new and alternative models (critique of institutions/outside the institution)

3:15 BREAK

3:30 Discussion/Brainstorming: Core concepts for guiding a curriculum at an art school

4:00 Discussion: What of Disciplines and The University
Are classes the best model? What experiences should a school offer? What opportunities should be made available? What is teachable? What knowledge should be imparted? What skills should be imparted? Should art programs be receptive to other disciplines? How so? Is media the best way to organize a discipline?

4:45 Brainstorming: Proposals for VPA

6:00 end (drinking encouraged at this point)

Supplementary readings:

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