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Fundraiser: The Utica Boilermaker

Joanna is selling the surface area of her body, which will be on display as she runs 15K at the Utica Boilermaker on July 11. Design your own tattoo or patch, or Joanna will make it for you.

To order your space–either temporary tattoos or a patch on her uniform, ranging from $5-$50, fill out this form and email it to Joanna.

boilermaker_form [PDF]

Bonus Fundraiser: Training Days

For $50, you can be my coach for a day. I will have to do whatever you tell me (okay, a few limitations: training activities can’t exceed 8 hours a day, and I won’t eat meat). Five training days available: July 5-9.

We don’t have an online payment system set up yet, so you’ll have to give Joanna cash or a check or something. All money raised will go towards activities, projects, publications, etc., for The AS in The AS.

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