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Music, commentary, and situational content. This audio log contains traic 1 “panic panic” by Manu Chao off the Baionarena album, followed by a reading of pages 14-16 of a translation of Tiqqun’s “This is not a Program”  from the header “Arm the Imaginary Party”. That is followed by “And We Flew Away” by DJ Eco. Then there is like a six minute commuter’s diary piece by yours truly which then seguays to Ladytron’s “Tomorrow” (Jeuce rework). This is followed by an acoustically modified car ride game, which begins with me nearly driving off the road probably after adjusting the recording device. This segment which has both wah and phaser filters over it is followed by Seabound’s “Poisonous Friend” as remixed by Iris. The last tune is Royksopp’s “Happy Up Here”.



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