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DS Institute

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The DS Institute is a group of artists who create contextual artwork that responds to their direct environment, but has larger implications and cultural applications. In addition to being experiential, the mobile sauna will also be an educational tool to aid the inspiration and the development of a Sauna community that will lure people out of the dark corners of Syracuse winters.

DS Institute Sauna

Support this project if you can!

The cold, dark, soon to be snowy climate that we live in beckons for a
sauna, but not just any sauna.  This sauna is being built on a trailer
for versatile and accessible use. Time is of the essence as the days
get shorter and winter gets closer.  We don’t have the ability to do
this on our own and are asking for your help. Please visit our
kickstarter web page to learn more about the project and if you can,
donate to help us make this a steamy reality:

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