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The Artist as Archivist Panel at The Feminist Art Project Day of Panels

Catherine Lord, Harmony Hammond,  Ulrike Müller, Martha Wilson, Aruna D'Souza,

Catherine Lord, Harmony Hammond, Ulrike Müller, Martha Wilson, Aruna D’Souza

from the Feminist Art Project:

The Artist as Archivist
Chair: Aruna D’Souza, Independent Scholar
Panelists: Harmony Hammond, artist, writer, and independent curator; Catherine Lord, Professor of Studio Art, University of California, Irvine; Ulrike Müller, artist; and Martha Wilson, artist and Founding Director, Franklin Furnace.
This panel will address the question of artist’s archives — archives of artistic work, archives created by artists of work that otherwise would be lost to time, archives as art. While the archive has long had an important place in feminist art practice,  representing a crucial artistic strategy to deal with the exclusion of women artists from the museum since the early 1970s by creating and occupying alternative spaces, and while they have been often the richest site of feminist work within such institutions, we will pose the question of how these archives operate – both as a literal space and as a conceptual resistance – in relation to the museum, to artistic practice, and to personal narrative.

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