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Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses

Discussed on October 19

read here:


Joanna’s short notes:

Althusser begins within classical Marxist theory (base-superstructure) of the reproduction of relations of production and
the Marxist theory of the State, and moves from this mostly “descriptive theory” into his thesis on ideology and ideological state apparatuses. Within classical Marxism, reproduction of relations or production produce competent workers, with a diversity needed for production.

Althusser then distinguishes between Repressive State Apparatuses and Ideological State Apparatuses. RSAs come from a singular source, they are the product of the State, they are public, and exert force through violence. ISAs are plural, they exist within the private domain. Althusser defines ideology, the function of Ideological State Apparatuses, and then the function of ideology in constituting the subject.

To paraphrase: Ideology represents the imaginary relationship of individuals to their real conditions of existence. Ideology has no history, it is eternal, like the unconscious. ISAs are secured by ruling ideology, each contribute to a single result in the way proper to it. Ideology has a material existence, it always exists in practice. From a bourgeois conception of the subject,
where one chooses ones actions according to beliefs, ideas disappear: for the subject, there is no practice except by ideology, no ideology except by and for the subject. From here, Althusser can move into the concept of interpellation.

Ideology functions to constitute concrete individuals as subjects. The obviousness of the category of the subject is an ideological recognition. We are always already subjects, through ideological recognition. Ideology hails, or interpellates concrete individuals as concrete Subjects. This recognition, or rather, interpellation, is a mirror-structure. Ideology is centered on the Absolute Subject, from which each Subject can contemplate its own image. So, this mirror-structure ensures: I) the interpolation of , individuals’ as subjects; 2) the subjection to the Subject; 3) mutual recognition of subjects ad Subject; 4) the absolute guarantee that everything is really so. We are interpellated as a free subject in order to submit freely to subjection.

A better summary:

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SyraUke Goes to Occupy Syracuse


(btw, it was cold and ukes seem to go out of tune fast)

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SyraUke Dec 3, 2011

Our second gathering!

Here are some songs (most of us are playing them for the first or second time, so be nice):







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Uke Time

Time for more UKE! Join us for the second ukulele conflagration extravaganza!

Join the second occasional anti-virtuosic come-one-come-all Syracuse University ukulele conflagration extravaganza at the:
The Art School in the Art School
1003 E. Fayette Street Apt 8
(corner of S. Crouse and E. Fayette, enter through back door by parking lot)

Saturday, December 3rd    2:00 pm- 4:00 pm

Beginners welcome!

All you need is a uke, some fingers, and the absence of ego
(we even have a couple of loaner ukes if you need one)

Join us on Facebook at SyraUke           Contact us at

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DS Institute

Check out the DS Institure:

The DS Institute is a group of artists who create contextual artwork that responds to their direct environment, but has larger implications and cultural applications. In addition to being experiential, the mobile sauna will also be an educational tool to aid the inspiration and the development of a Sauna community that will lure people out of the dark corners of Syracuse winters.

DS Institute Sauna

Support this project if you can!

The cold, dark, soon to be snowy climate that we live in beckons for a
sauna, but not just any sauna.  This sauna is being built on a trailer
for versatile and accessible use. Time is of the essence as the days
get shorter and winter gets closer.  We don’t have the ability to do
this on our own and are asking for your help. Please visit our
kickstarter web page to learn more about the project and if you can,
donate to help us make this a steamy reality:

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Artsy Fartsy Smartsy Super Fun Reading Group

Friday, December 2 at 2 pm
4th Floor of Smith Hall, Syracuse University

Readings: Introduction to the Situationist International: SI_intro_compilation

Also check out:

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ukulele conflagration extravaganza

occasional anti-virtuosic come-one-come-all
Syracuse University ukulele conflagration extravaganza

Saturday, October 29, 2-5pm

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Wednesday, March 2 5-7 pm (during Happy Hours).

Its time we started composting at The AS in The AS, and Tom Gokey is going to show us how. We’ll be making a small, indoor verimcomposter. That means we’ll have some new residents at the Art School, too.

Learn how here:

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Art Theory 101: Bataille

Brunch discussion on “The Notion of Expenditure” by Georges Bataille.

download the text here: Bataille – The Notion of Expenditure

Sunday, March 6
12:00-1:30 pm
@ The AS in the AS

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Art School Scholar: Arjan Zazueta

The As in the As is proud to announce the first ever Art School Scholar: Arjan Zazueta.

Arjan Zazueta is a visual artist working primarily in drawing and painting. He received his BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and his MFA from Syracuse University. He exhibits his work nationally and has received fellowships from the Oxbow School of Art, Vermont Studio Center, and the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Currently he lives and works in Lincoln, Nebraska.

We look forward to working through questions, convergences, and conversations with Arjan. The possibilities are endless!

Please check out his work at

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