Upcoming Events at The AS in The AS:

AGAEUL BYOB/D: Avant-Garde Alternative Experimental Underground Lounge on the third floor.
Location: Headquarters: 1003 E Fayette Street, Apt 10 (enter thru back door)
Come to the Avant-Garde Alternative Experimental Underground Lounge (AGAEUL). BYOB/D. A party with utubes and dj (lady DRAGon) & a surprise guest spinning off the night away
Saturday, October 24, 10 pm until we collapse

Reading group discussion meetings:
Art and Social Movements: Sunday, October 25 at 11 am (coffee/brunch provided)
Art Theory 101: Sunday, October 25 at 1 pm (coffee/brunch provided)
After Institutional Critique: Wednesday, October 28 at 5 pm
Ghosts/Marx: Wednesday, October 28 at 7 pm

Readings are posted on our online library: http://readings.connect.theasintheas.org/

Happy Hour(s) and Art Barter Swap
Friday, November 6, 4-7 pm
Come swap your work with other artists!!! (and also come to converse and drink) Lets trade! Have some fun! Share some images! Barter time….Artwork can be bartered will be bartered at every “As in the As” open house… Bring your visual work. Trade with someone else! Or leave your work to trade later!

The 24-hour video challenge
Friday, November 6,  6 pm through Saturday, November 7, 6 pm
This event is geared towards high school and college-aged people, but anyone is welcome. Working in teams, you must conceive/script, shoot, edit, and present a video.
The 24-Hour Video Challenge will take place at SU’s Shaffer Art Building (room 207). It is being organized with the help of Zoe Meighan, and awesome person in general and also a student at Nottingham High School. Instruction, equipment, food and a nap room will be provided, all free. The Drawing Marathon is also taking place on Saturday from 12-6 pm.

Critique Group
A group formed to show and discuss each others’ work and ideas. We need to schedule our first meeting, and need people to present their work for discussion.

New Groups

You can sign up for groups, or create your own on our connetcion site: http://connect.theasintheas.org/

Guerilla Art: http://connect.theasintheas.org/groups/guerilla-art
This group will undertake guerilla art assignments, and post results on our blog (http://guerillaart.connect.theasintheas.org/).

The Library of Jorge Luis Borges
The work of Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges is fascinating on many levels. His short stories have created a dialogue about how we conceive of reality, how we experience time, and how we interpret a world of signs. Many artists and philosophers have been inspired by his work. In this reading group, we will read Borges’ short stories, essays and poetry.
Join our group here: http://connect.theasintheas.org/groups/the-library-of-jorge-luis-borges

Process Philosophy
Read and discuss: Henri Bergson, Charles Peirce, John Dewey, Alfred North Whitehead, Charles Hartshorne, Martin Heidegger, Friedrich Nietzsche, Nicholas Rescher, and Gilles Deleuze

Speculative Realism
A proposed reading group for spring 2010: Speculative Realism is a loosely mobilized group of theorists that in different ways dare to speculate about what reality or matter is like apart from human thought. It has many variants but is largely anti-Kantian, drawing inspiration both from thinkers like Hume, Leibniz and Spinoza, as well as contemporary theorists like Badiou, Deleuze and Laruelle

New Proposals (you can now vote on proposals: look for the thumbs up/down on the bottom of each post)
Introduction to Puredata (Pd) Part II
“The AS in the As” – Manifesto Writing
Art Barter Swap
Introduction to Final Cut Pro
Introduction to (Adobe) Flash

We’re now on Twitter! http://twitter.com/theasintheas/

Other thoughts:

How do we use our libraries?
From Tom Sherman:

"I serve on the Senate Library Committee. At our first meeting this year our Committee was asked to vote in support of the attached selection criteria for determining books and journals that would be sent to storage off campus. We declined because we needed more information and we wished to consult with our colleagues across the University.
With the restructuring of various floors in Bird Library to accommodate social activity, an already serious shelf-storage problem has been made much worse. Bird Library’s shelves arc filled to 98% capacity. Library standards recommend 75-80% of capacity. To solve this problem, the Bird Library administration is proposing to send 5,000 items (books, journals, etc.) every two weeks for ten years to an offsite storage facility, the Clancy-Cullen Tri-State Depository, in Patterson, New York (down-state). That means the Library plans on eliminating shelf-access to 1,200,000 books and joumals, downsizing your Library’s on-site holdings by about 10%, (access to these materials will be by web-request and subsequent courier transportation)
At question is how to decide which books and journals will go. And of course the greater question is whether sending this volume of materials to an off-site storage facility is a good idea (loss of immediate access, cost of storage against digitizing efforts by Google, etc.)."
more info

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