The Art School in The Art School News June 16, 2010

For more information, contact Joanna Spitzner:

Upcoming events

Restrictive DJ Night
Friday, June 18, 8 pm
proposed and led by Patrick Williams

Show off your spinning skills by meeting the restrictive DJ night challenge.

You will be given certain rules to follow for your set. Patrick will offer  a quick primer on mixing records at the beginning of the night, and at the end we’ll have a drawing to choose restrictions for the next round.
Turntables, vinyl, and cocktails provided.

Happy Hours followed by Kong x 3
Wednesday, June 23, 5-7pm @ The AS in The AS

Remake O'Rama: Kong x 3, June 23 at 7pm
We'll watch all three versions of King Kong at the same time, projected side-by-side:
-King Kong (2005) dir. Peter Jackson 187 min
-King Kong (1976) dir. John Guillermin 134 min
-King Kong (1933) dir. Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack 100 min
This is the first of a series of screenings; you can help choose the next remakes to watch.

Utica Boiler Maker Fundraiser for The AS in The AS

Joanna is selling the surface area of her body, which will be on display as she runs 15K of the Uitca Boilermaker on July 11. Design your own tattoo or patch, or tell me what you want and I'll make it for you.
Fill out this form [] to order a tattoo or patch, and email it to Joanna:

Temporary tattoos:
2 x 2" tattoo: $5
4 x 4" tattoo $10
face tattoos (sizes will vary): $15
upper arm tattoo (8 x 2"): $20
full length calf tattoo (10 x 3"): $30
full length thigh tattoo (10 x 4") : $30
forehead tattoo: $40

2 x 2" patch: $20
5 x 5" patch: $25
large back panel: $50

Training Days
For $50, you can be my coach for a day. I will have to do whatever you tell me (okay, a few limitations: training activities can't exceed 8 hours a day, and I won't eat meat). Five training days available: July 5-9. Contact Joanna to sign up.

We don't have an online payment system set up yet, so you'll have to give Joanna cash or a check or something. All money raised will go towards activities, projects, publications, etc. for The AS in The AS.

Other news:

ASS Radio
Art School Sound (ASS) Radio has been launched. Check it out:
This is a platform for radio and sound works. Anyone is welcome to contribute material, and you can get some training on how to make sound works as well as access to equipment and a "studio" at The AS in The AS.  Contact Joanna.

The Great Central Depot in the Open City
For the last month, The AS in The AS was down at XL Projects, working with Spectres of Liberty (Dara Geenwald, Josh McPhee, and Olivia Robinson) to create both the Open City Workshop and The Great Central Depot. This project explored Syracuse's abolitionist past, and in particular Jermain Loguen's idea of an Open City, and attempted to connect it to today's city.

The Open City workshop featured a series of discussions around access and education, mobility, immigration, public transportation, creating an LGBT community center, civil rights, prison reform and creating alternative economies. We also ran a printmaking workshop and conducted interviews (which can be heard on All this led up to The Great Central Depot, an installation featuring three bicyle-powered zoetropes with animations connected to ideals of freedom, projections and sound that combined historical texts with words collected from our interactions with people.

The installation is on view at XL Projects, 303 S. Clinton St., until the end of June. Contact the gallery for hours: (315) 442-2542 


If you want to do something, do it with The AS in The AS! Propose something: send me an email or fill out this form


The Art School in the Art School (The AS in The AS) is located at 1003 E. Fayette Street (corner of S. Crouse), Apartment 10. Enter through the back door off the parking lot. Parking is available behind and adjacent to the building.

The Art School in The Art School (The AS in The AS) seeks to generate a creative and intellectual community through an open school / open source structure. Through activities such as classes, discussions, forming groups of interest, reading groups, critique groups, workshops, eating and drinking, publishing, and making, The AS in the AS seeks to create an experimental environment for shared inquiry. All events are FREE and open to the public.

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