The Art School in The Art School News Nov. 4, 2009:

For more information, contact Joanna Spitzner:

Upcoming Events at The AS in The AS:

Happy Hour(s) and Art Barter Swap

Friday, November 6, 4-7 pm . Location: Headquarters: 1003 E Fayette Street, Apt 10 (enter thru back door) . Come to converse and drink. Bring your art work to trade.

The 24-Hour Video Challenge

Friday, November 6 through Saturday November 7, 2009 6 pm-6pm
Location: 207 Shaffer Art Building, Syracuse University Campus
Organized  by Zoe Meighan and Joanna Spitzner
This event is geared towards high school and college-aged people, but anyone is welcome. Working in teams, you must conceive/script, shoot, edit, and present a video in 24 hours. Videos will be burned on DVDs and also posted on our blog:
All this will be provided, free: Video cameras, Supplies, Computers and other equipment, Instruction as to how to make a video. Food, Nap room (you may want to bring a sleeping bag, toothbrush, and a pillow), Prizes. Email Joanna Spitzner with any questions or concerns:

Introduction to Flash Workshop

Wednesday, November 11, 4 pm, room 207 Shaffer Art Building, SU campus
Led by Steph Massa
Flash is a multimedia graphics program used often on the Web. This introduction will show you how to make basic animations, tweening, text, drawing, button creation and use of sound.

Artist’s Talk and Party at The AS in the AS

Friday, November 13, 2009
8 – 9 pm: Artist’s Talk/Presentation by Raphael Lyon

Raphael Lyon (aka Mudboy) is an established sound designer, musician and installation artist working around the world. His work focuses on the conceptual frameworks of living systems design and fractal organization with an interest in creating a sense of wonder and magic as a primary practice. He produces the sound art label and is the founder of
Raphael Lyon is represented by the Mountain Fold gallery in Manhattan, NY.
Followed by:

Avant-Garde Alternative Experimental Underground Lounge (AGAEUL):

a party for ((audience)) on Red House Art Radio and "Last Wishes," an exhibition at the Red House, with guests Raphael Lyon and Alexis Bhagat. BYOB/D.  9 pm- until late.

Beer Making

November 18, 3 pm at The AS in The AS HQ (1003 E. Fayette St., Apt 10) Learn how to brew beer!! We’ll make several batches experimenting with different ingredients. Beer can make a great Christmas gift, and The AS in The AS will be able to serve own beer!!  This will take several hours. We will need to re-convene in 1 month to bottle it all! Also: designers looking for a project: design labels and packaging for our beer.


Reading Groups:

Art and Social Movements: new readings on the Russian Revolution will be posted soon on ) next meeting Sunday, November 15 at 11 am (brunch provided)
Art Theory 101: new readings on Kant’s Critique of Judgement will be posted soon at meeting Sunday, November 15 at 1 pm (brunch provided)
After Institutional Critique: new readings will be posted soon at: meeting Wednesday, November 16 at 6pm

New Proposals

Field Trip to Performa 09/NYC
I suggest we go for the day on Saturday, November 21. (leave really early, come back really late). The calendar for that day is here:
DIY Military Technologies
Why should the military have all the fun? Lets make our own and document our findings! Anarchist Cookbook 2.0!

The Art School in the Art School (The AS in The AS) is located at 1003 E. Fayette Street (corner of S. Crouse), Apartment 10. Enter through the back door off the parking lot. Parking is available behind and adjacent to the building.

The Art School in The Art School (The AS in The AS) seeks to generate a creative and intellectual community through an open school / open source structure. Through activities such as classes, discussions, forming groups of interest, reading groups, critique groups, workshops, eating and drinking, publishing, and making, The AS in the AS seeks to create an experimental environment for shared inquiry. All events are FREE and open to the public.

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